Randolf Smeets (a.k.a. The Phlod-Nar)

Composer & Musician from The Netherlands, living in Belgium. Creating music since 1996.
22 January 2015

Review: Works for Piano

While some pianists contentedly sit at the keyboard and noodle away life’s doldrums, Randolf Smeets’ atmospheric music has a sense of purpose.   The Dutchman breathes live through his Roland piano with his original works that could tell a myriad of stories dependent upon the mood and imagination of the listener. Smeets boasts an impressive catalog of work featuring various orchestrations encompassing classical, jazz and other experimental genres in between.  His latest album Works for Piano ... 
10 November 2011

Short radio documentary

A short documentary about my work 'Variations for Wind Quintet' at Dutch local radio station L1. Listen here