Randolf Smeets (a.k.a. The Phlod-Nar)

Composer & Musician from The Netherlands, living in Belgium. Creating music since 1996.
Randolf Smeets (The Phlod-Nar)

Randolf Smeets, a.k.a The Phlod-Nar, will soon reach his 20-year landmark of what has been an amazing and diverse experience for his avid listeners.  

The now-Belgian resident first embarked on his musical journey way back in 1996, with a lot on the menu to feed his quickly growing, hungry audience, dishing out to them an array of ambient, electronic and experimental audio-cuisine. 

2006 saw five releases by The Phlod-Nar, consisting of works from 1996 to 2006, covering a multitude of genres. This included piano improvisations, ambient works, noise art, dark soundtracks and electronic fusion.

Just two years later, The Phlod-Nar caused controversy with his piece “Wanjina”, inspired by Aboriginal Culture. An article by Geoff Vivian for WA News, states that the Dutch musician had offended Kimberly Aboriginal elders by using their sacred cultural materials without their permission.  

In his score-long career so far, Smeets has written music for various short films and audio books. He was also the film composer for the documentary “Arches & Bridges”. On top of this, he has been a sought after collaborator, working with ‘Jaxxrain’ in the piano/electronics duo ‘The Mun Astronauts’, ‘Booktrack’ (music for audiobooks), Andrei Tarkovsky (film music/audio), Agula (guitarscapes), Feirledijika (jazz with movie dialogue), Vigilan Freeland (on a soon to be released EP) and ‘The Concourse In Atmosphere’ - a collective of musicians each with their own artistic direction, coming together to create a revolutionary musical moment (part of the Clifford Brown Jazz Foundation).

In a review of his Works For Piano, Kelly O’Neil most aptly summarized his work saying “Smeets is a highly creative composer…liberating musical constraints yet still keeping his works aurally pleasurable” 

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