Randolf Smeets (a.k.a. The Phlod-Nar)

Composer & Musician from The Netherlands, living in Belgium. Creating music since 1996.

Who is The Phlod-Nar?

Randolf Smeets, a.k.a. The Phlod-Nar is a composer/musician from  The Netherlands, currently living in Belgium. Smeets boasts an  impressive catalog of work featuring various orchestrations encompassing  classical, jazz, electronic, film music and other experimental genres in  between. He uses composition, improvisation, electronic, acoustic  (piano, guitar, clarinet, percussion, voice), field recordings, and other found sounds in his adventurous works. For Smeets the lines of genre and style  have begun to blur as his own distinctive compositional voice has taken  shape.  It is not uncommon now for Smeets to blend styles and sounds  within a single composition as he seeks the perfect expression of his muse. His music is an inviting safe haven where listeners can enjoy experimental music, freely get wrapped up in it and not develop a migraine. 

(adapted from several reviews)

Quote:Smeets is a highly creative composer by liberating musical constraints yet still keeping his works aurally pleasurable.” – Kelly O’Neil (review Works for Piano)

Projects and collaborations

Film composer for documentary ‘Arches & Bridges’ by Michiel van Hout + several short films and audio books. The MUN Astronauts (piano & electronics w/ Jaxx Rain), Agula (instrumental music on guitar, bass, percussion), Azimogu (treatments in sound), Vigilan Freeland (band member on keys, clarinet, bass), Randolf & Joke (songs for children), Feirledijika (jazz with movie dialogue), Concourse in Atmosphere (online collaboration), For Andrei (music, sounds & dialogue from the films of Andrei Tarkovsky), Chameleon Music (music for films), Temonos Productions (The Phlod-Nar’s production label)


Selected discography as The Phlod-Nar, unless otherwise indicated (1996-2014):

Electronic 2006 Black Paint and Red Ochre

Improvisation 2006 The Crystalline Piano

Ambient 2006 Utriusque Cosmi

Experimental 2006 First Works 1996-1998

“Pseudo”Classical 2008 Wanjina

Electronic 2008 To Inhale

Electronic 2010 White Roses in an Ocean of Blood

Classical/Electronic/Acoustic  2010 In Eternity

Ambient/Chill-Out 2011 The Mun Astronauts: Into the ocean

Classical/Contemporary 2012 Randolf Smeets: Works for Piano

Jazz/World Music 2013 Concourse in Atmosphere: Revolution Café

Ambient/Chill-Out 2014 The Mun Astronauts: Twirly

Film Music 2014 Selected Film Works 2007-2013

Ambient/Sound Design 2014 Tramontana EP



22 January 2015, News

Tramontana EP released

A new EP has been released with 2 tracks. "Song for Sverre" has the heartbeat of my unborn son to create the rhythm of the track. Track 2 is "Tramontana" which is a 15+ minute long atmospheric ambient track featuring the voice of Joke Bosschaerts. ...

22 January 2015, Article

Review: Works for Piano

While some pianists contentedly sit at the keyboard and noodle away life’s doldrums, Randolf Smeets’ atmospheric music has a sense of purpose.   The Dutchman breathes live through his Roland piano with his original works that could tell a myriad ...